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Zap Stun Gun 950,000 Volts Pink with holster

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The sight and sound of the device merely fired into the air will often be enough to scare away potential attackers. 
Small as a pack of cigarettes, this Small Fry is easier to conceal and it packs 950,000 volts of debilitating power. More powerful rechargeable lithium batteries are the driving force behind this new stun gun technology. With superior input, you get superior output. Fire this baby up and the nasty crackling sound alone is enough to make your attacker think twice about getting in range. 

Pink: Unit features a built in safety from accidental discharge.  A red LED will illuminate when the stun gun is active. The entire unit is smaller than a pack of cigarettes. Rubber coated with soft contour grip. Powered by (3) CR123 Lithium batteries (included). Includes a heavy duty nylon carrying case with metal clip for attaching to belt, etc.


PS Products, ZAP Stun Gun, Black, 950,000 Volts, 3x CR123 Batteries

  • Red LED On/Off Indicator
  • Rubber Coated
  • Soft Contour Grip


Product Description


PS Products specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of non-lethal personal protection products. Since 1992, they have provided the best in quality and service at competitive prices.


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