Mahogany Concealment Clock - Rectangle

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This beautiful Mahogany  wooden clock will look like the classic piece of furniture that fits perfectly with your decor. But inside it has your medium to large firearm inside. Flip down in back for easy access. Also look for it in black for your contemporary and modern designs.  Solid Wood with Rich Mahogany Stain. It has a reliable quartz movement with magnetically latched, hinged front panel.Fits Medium to Large Handguns, Mahogany Wood.


PS Products, Concealment Clock Rectangle, Fits Medium to Large Handguns, Mahogany Wood

  • Reliable Quartz Movement
  • Magnetically Latched
  • Hinged Front Panel


Product Description


This Gun Concealment Clock features solid wood construction and a magnetically latched, hinged front panel. Holds a large handgun and other valuables.