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Mace Stun gun 2400000 Volt

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The sight and sound of the device merely fired into the air will often be enough to scare away potential attackers. 

About as big as your hand , this Small Fry is easier to conceal and it packs  2400000 volts of debilitating power. More powerful rechargeable lithium batteries are the driving force behind this new stun gun technology. With superior input, you get superior output. Fire this baby up and the nasty crackling sound alone is enough to make your attacker think twice about getting in range. 

This device provides the convenience of a high-output LED flashlight and the stopping power of 2,400,000 volts of electric shock. On/Off safety switch, LED and stun button. 

• High voltage electric output (2,400,000 volts)
• Powerful LED light
• Convenient to carry 
• High quality rubberized finish
• High capacity rechargeable battery
• Integrated charging plug
• Carrying case included
• Approximate size: 5.125” x 1.785” x 1.085” 
• Approximate net weight: 5 oz. 

Mace Security International, Ergo Stun Gun, 2,400,000 Volts, with Light, Black

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