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Flashbang Bra Holster

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Here is an  alternative to when a handbag is just not something that you want to carry. Maybe on property where you have your jeans on and just need protection from the environment. Sometimes knowing that you can carry will allow you to walk your beautiful country side and feel safe. Desert, mountains, country, we all have different needs but need to use the same firearm power. The Flashbang is the original holster in our women’s collection.  The unique clam shell design allows the firearm to sit horizontally tucked under the bra band.  As the gun is pulled straight down, the clam shell opens up and permits the wearer to draw.  As with all of our holsters, safety is Flashbangs most important goal. This means the trigger guard is securely covered and the barrel of the gun NEVER crosses the user’s body during the correct draw.  Safe, comfortable, and surprisingly fast.  The Flashbang is their number one seller for good reason!




Frame/Material: Nylon
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