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Desantis, Apache Ankle Holster

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Here is an  alternative to when a handbag is just not something that you want to carry. Black Leather. Maybe on property where you have your jeans on and just need protection from the environment. Sometimes knowing that you can carry will allow you to walk your beautiful country side and feel safe. Desert, mountains, country, we all have different needs but need to use the same firearm power.

The Desantis ankle holster is made with Velcro closures for ease of putting on and taking off. Securing the weapon is accomplished by the use of a positive-snap device. It is exactly molded to the gun it is designed to carry. This offers positive retention and reliability. The 044 has foam-padded suede for comfort.




Features of DeSantis Leather Ankle Holster 

  • Available in Black unlined leather
  • Foam-padded suede
  •  Right Hand
  •  Black
  •  Fits Glock 26/27/29/30, Sig 250SC, S&W M&Pc, Walther PPS/PK380
  •  Nylon


Hand: Right Hand Finish/Color: Black Fit: Fits Glock 26/27/29/30, Sig 250SC, S&W M&Pc, Walther PPS/PK380 Frame/Material: Nylon
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