Designer Leather Concealed Carry Zippered Tote Holster Purse

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Designer Leather Concealed Carry Zippered Tote  Holster Purse NEW JUST IN.. Stunning! Looks like it came from OFF THE RACK!. Our newest concealment handbag design. It was designed for a stylish and classy look.. This handbag looks like to cost a mint! But the price is soo very affordable. When you accessorize with this gun purse  dont tell them  how inexpensive it is or that it is even a gun purse. This conceal carry handbag has a small pocket on the back side that is for cell phone or personal small items. On the inside of the purse there are multiple pockets. The gun concealment section is located on the right side of the purse on a vertical angle. Which makes for an easy gun draw. Sleek and with just the right richness in the leather to give it the class that is what you would find in an OFF THE RACK item. This is a must have for any wardrobe. Have a professional meeting in town? Need a nice leather handbag? This is it. Oh, did we whisper to you about the locking concealed carry compartment with 2 keys and adjustable Velcro holster? Nice! 


Purse size is 13½" x 13" x 5" full strap
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