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Pepper Sprays

Restrictions on Sales and Ownership of Pepper Spray. We update this list whenever possible. Please realize that your state or city ordinances may differ from this list. If you have questions, contact your local authorities for verification. Please check your local laws forrestrictions before ordering, because we do not ship where not allowed:
Arkansas Size restriction (Shall not exceed 50 cubic centimeters) California Size restriction (Maximum weight is 2.5 ounces) Age restriction (Must be 16 years old to possess) Labeling restriction (Warning language must appear on the label and an expiration date must appear on the canister) District of Columbia Age restriction (Must be 18) Labeling restriction (Expiration date must be on each unit) Florida Size restriction (Designed to fit in a woman’s handbag or man’s pocket and containing not over ½ oz chemical) Hawaii > Honolulu OC ONLY is legal. Age restriction (Must be 18). Size restriction (1/2 oz) Licensing requirement (Current legislation pending to re-establish the legality/illegality of these products in Hawaii.) Illinois Age restriction (Must be 18) Massachusetts residents may only purchase defense sprays from licensed Firearms Dealers in that state